Shall we discuss the Great John Birch ?

I was being teased today on a job site about belonging to the John Birch Society, And I was hoping over the last several months that a blogger here would make this same accusation. Then I could present some facts about the John Birch Society. First I am not nor have I ever been a member of this group, I in fact disagree with them, and Like every thing else I researched John Birch, and this society. What I found is amazing, John Birch was killed in 1945. He never even knew of this society, in fact if he were alive today he would hate it, like I do.

The Rockefeller Foundation created the John Birch Society, To further deceive the American populance by creating the mind set that all so-called Constitutionalists are whacked, the goal would be to get Americans to look at the wrong Patriots as true patriots and the True and real Patriots as nut jobs. This scheme worked well. You see when the political agenda in 1868 changed course, and later the school system itself took on a different shape in history, we have become accustomed to listening to our enemies talking to us as if we are their friends, when in fact its just another hegelian side show.

So when you here my rants they don’t mesh so to speak, I sound like a revolutionary to you, But I represent the constitution, your politicians only pretend to represent the Constitution. When I represent the Constitution I’m representing YOU the People of this great land that WE the people own. Can we change destiny, I don’t know. Probably not, Most people do not even recognize a problem, and don’t want to either. Its denial.

So the John Birch Society has been created by the communists, not the patriots. Not the true scholars of history or the Constitution, some may have been fooled for a time, and some may be still, but this is just not the case with most Constitutionalists today. Proper research and study shows the true path, One must be ever vigilant in his/her research before buying into a group, or party. Myself, I am a  Constitutionalist, and I long for the return of our Confederated Republic, and our true De-Jure National status, because quite simply my friends and neighbors we are true Sovereign Kings. Not the chattle your leaders would have us, and have tricked us into being.

John Birch was born in 1918 to Presbyterian parents, John was taught the AV1611 Bible throughout his formative years. He was so brilliant that he skipped grades 5 and 6, and upon graduating MAGNA CUM LAUDE from Mercer University, he was selected as a nominee for a Rhodes Scholarship. Falling under the preaching of Baptist J. Frank Norris, John was convicted to go to the mission field. Upon graduating from Fundamentalist Baptist Bible Institute, Fort Worth Texas, John departed for China in 1940 at the young age of 22. Within six weeks he could speak conversational mandarin.

After Jimmy Doolittle’s raid over Tokyo, it was this Baptist missionary who led the general and four of his men through Japanese lines to safety. Impressed, Doolittle recommended Birch to General Claire Lee Chennault, another Bible reading Baptist and founder of the Flying Tigers. Performing intelligence work for the general while preaching the gospel and establishing missions, John took up the sword against the Japanese army; for it was murdering Protestant and Baptist Ministers and burning their missions on orders from Jesuit bosses in Tokyo.

Receiving the Legion of Merit, John became famous throughout China and he, like all Bible believing men of God hated murderous communism. Thus Birch had to go! Shortly after the war in 1945, John was ” on loan” to OSS director SMOM “Wild” Bill Donovan. As the Pope’s Irishman had arranged the death of General Patton, he would now murder the Rightous John Birch. Sent to arrange terms for the surrendered Imperial Japanese High Command, John was brutally murdered in cold blood by Mao Zedong and his OSS-backed banditti. To add insult to blood, John’s funeral was performed by a Jesuit Priest!!! In 1958 the Society of Jesus and the Jesuit Order founded the John Birch Society through it’s pro Rome, 32nd Degree Mason, Robert Welch. And 33rd Degree Mason John Rockefeller.

So you see a bit of history and now you know Im no Bircher, even though John was a PATRIOT and killled for being one. Correct me if Im wrong but I believe Robert Deniro just recently portrayed Bill Donovan in the movie “The Good Shepherd.” Donovan being another traitor. John Birch and his name have been slandered since 1958, by those who know no better. Now some of you do.


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  1. Peter joanson Says:

    This is the first time
    i visited your blog came to know of it through a friend of miner . The qaulity of the posts on this site is simply fabulous .
    I ll be waiting for some more great posts.

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