Another Eulogy for a fat Fascist Leftist Communist American Traitor

Ted Kennedy: Rewritten and reposted with
Coadjutor Cumbey’s Praise of Teddy

Dear Brethren and Friends,

I cannot express my unspeakable joy upon hearing of the death of the infamous, totally depraved, morally unrestrained serial adulterer, murderer, liar, killer of his own nephew, wife-beater and drunken debauchee, Senator Ted Kennedy. He was an avowed Socialist-Communist Roman Catholic, Jesuit Georgetown University-controlled conspirator against the Protestant liberties of the American peoples secured by the Constitution of the United States and Baptist Calvinist Bill of Rights. He was the picture-perfect “Jesuit of the short robe manning the overtly Freemasonic, pro-socialist-communist “left wing” of the Order’s Hegelian dialectic, the opposite number being the Order’s covertly Freemasonic, “right wing” pro-socialist-fascism. Apostate Protestant Epicopalian, pro-Socialist-Bolshevik/communist, White Gentile U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a 33rd Degree Freemason while on the other side of the dialectic was apostate Protestant Episcopalian , pro-socialist-Nazi/fascist, cartel-capitalist Henry Ford (whose son, Henry II, converted to Romanism) was also a 33rd Degree Freemason. Papal Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus are also intimately involved, playing their designated roles within the Order’s controlled agitation between the “liberal left” and the “conservative right.” Teddy was one of those papal knights.

Several years ago when I was visiting my mother in Nevada, we went to Virginia City where I met a gold miner who overheard me speaking of the Jesuit Order’s Federal Reserve Bank. He pulled me to the side said “I have some information for you about Ted Kennedy.” He then proceeded to tell me that Teddy had killed the pregnant Roman Catholic young lady and personal aide, Mary Joe Kopechne. According to this man, he was told by Mary Joe’s mortician that she had been shot in the back of the head with a .22 cal. handgun evidenced by the hole in her head and the blood that had run down the front of her chest. The mortician had confessed this to my source upon his deathbed, but the mortician survived. Fascinated, I interviewed the miner on Lenny Bloom’s “Cloak and Dagger” show which interview is now archived. Mary Joe was never given an autopsy in violation of state law, and her parents were bought off and threatened so as not to utter one word of this to the public—-ever! Teddy Bare (the title of a book published by Western Islands) was a cold-blooded murderer.

Teddy also aided in the now over 40-year cover-up of the Black Pope’s CIA/FBI/DIA-directed assassination of both of his brothers, John and Robert Kennedy. He was regularly at the feet of the Jesuits at Georgetown University, as they directed his policies introduced in Congress. About ten years ago a personal friend was visiting Georgetown University on the day the Dali Lama arrived on campus. And guess who was there standing with Georgetown University president, Jesuit Leo J. O’Donovan? None other than Senator Kennedy! What took me 25 years to finally discover, Teddy knew all along—that Cardinal Spellman was the murderer of Jack, and Cardinal Cooke was the killer of Bobby.

Another incident which comes to mind is the murder of JFK’s son, JFK, Jr. His little plane was blown out of the sky and plummeted vertically into the sea thanks to CIA intrigue. After the bodies were finally found it was none other than Teddy who kept all eyes away from viewing JFK, Jr, his wife and her sister, until they could be cremated thereby eliminating all evidence of murder. Teddy is an accessory to the murder of his nephew, the only son of JFK.

Teddy, this unrestrained adulterer, was once caught fornicating with a waitress in a restaurant under a table. His wife Joan, another drunk due to the wicked life of Teddy, ultimately divorced the monster, but never ever told of any of the above events. She wrote a book covering a totally unrelated topic and now has a completely ruined and broken life. Teddy, “the nice man” as told to us by CNN, Fox, etc., broke her.

Another incident of Teddy’s addictive propensity to flagrant fornication and adultry was detailed by one of the insiders, George Greene in a video. The substance of that video is narrated by an attorney who is on my email list:

“There is a man named George Green (or Greene), who claims to have been in the center of big-time construction (Masonic) and finance (Vatican, City of London) and who was often in the company of banksters and politicians at the highest levels, before he turned “whistleblower” and began, he claims, to expose the inner workings of the power elite. Green claims that he turned whistleblower after an encounter with Ted Kennedy. Green claims that he was attending a function at a ski resort in Colorado many years ago (mid-70’s or 80’s) and was seated next to or near Ted Kennedy. A very attractive young blonde woman entered the room, whereupon Kennedy, who was by now three sheets to the wind, said he was going to bed that woman before the night was over, or words to that effect in some graphic [and quite profane] detail . Green then told Kennedy that the woman is his daugther and that he did not appreciate Kennedy’s remarks. Whereupon, Green says, that Kennedy told him that he did not care that she was Green’s daughter or what he thought, and that he would do as he pleased. Green says that at the point he realized what he should have known before, Kennedy and people like him, whom Green had been associating with, are scum.”

Among other criminal acts he religiously backed in the US congress was the attempt to outlaw the ownership of handguns as well as all guns. An unabashed pro-sodomite (pro-“Gay Agenda”) and pro-abortion (pro-the murder of unborn children), he had also backed the Socialist-Communist plot to nationalize the Empire’s medical industry via “Health Care for all.” Barry Davis Obama’s health care fiasco written by Jesuit coadjutors from Georgetown University is nothing more then the Teddy Kennedy plot, the “cause” which he had promoted for the last thirty years. And when that bill is passed against the will of the vast majority of White Americans, that will be the final straw in pushing all Whites in general into Jesuit right wing fascism. The socialist-communist policies of Freemasonic papal Court Jews (Single-bullet” Senator Arlen Spector, Waco Congressional coverup asset Freemasonic Senator Charles Schumer, etc.), Freemasonic, hatefully anti-White “African American” racists (Senator Charles Wrangel, President Barry Davis Obama, etc.), White Roman Catholic papal knights (Senator Kennedy, Vice President Joe Biden—the present defacto president—, etc.) and Freemasonic White apostate Protestants (Senator Robert Byrd of Jesuit-created West Virginia, its Rockefeller-financed capital in fact being Jesuit Wheeling University, etc.), have always been intended to drive the U.S. to anti-Jew, anti-Protestant Bible, Jesuit fascism. Socialist-communism (unlimited radical democracy) is always used against historically White Protestant nations to justify the rise of Jesuit Roman fascism. And this is where the Jesuits running (CFR-directed/Knight of St. Gregory) Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News want to take the nation. Fox secretly desires and impatiently waits for the passage of the “Health Reform” Bill. That final nail in the coffin of American political liberty will enable the Order to use Fox and others to move the nation into fascism at breakneck speed. Notice that one of Barry’s “czars” is the hatefully anti-White, “African-American,” Black Savage Van Jones, a notorious communist who is now attacking the White Mormon and Fox pundit, Glenn Beck. This is intended to create sympathy for Beck among Whites and thus feed the covert movement into fascism under the canard of “preserving the culture” exactly as Martin Lee had warned in his The Beast Reawakens. “Left wing,” socialist-communist Teddy Kennedy has been a party to this plot for his entire, post-Chappaquiddic, political life.

Theodore Kennedy was one of the most evil, sinister, cowardly, and immoral U.S. senators ever to disgrace that honorable office. All those Congressmen praising this Jesuit Coadjutor are just as evil, via suppressing the truth of Teddy’s legacy, which includes another murderer and coward, Senator John McCain—the man who killed over one hundred of his fellow sailors on an aircraft carrier due to an irresponsible stunt he pulled in the cockpit of his jet fighter. This is the same man who divorced his first wife after she had been crippled in a terrible auto accident. McCain, like Teddy, is less than an animal; for most mammals do not abandon their wounded nor do they kill their relatives.

Every senator and congressman interviewed on the pro-“African-American,” anti-White, Jesuit/CFR-controlled, one-eyed monster has given nothing but praise for their fellow conspirator against the American people. Papal court Jew Larry King loved him. Jesuit Roman Catholic coadjutor Bill O’Reilly had good things to say about the monster as well as Jesuit Roman Catholic coadjutor Sean Hannity. CFR-controlled Barbara Walters joined in the “Ode to Ted Kennedy,” and Freemasonic Senator Robert Byrd broke down and cried in the Senate weeping over the death of a fellow debauchee, further evidencing that both extremes of the Order’s socialist-commuinist v. socialist-fascist dialectic work together! Whether they be Democrat or Republican pundits and congressmen having praised Teddy, they are all traitors and accessories to murder, rape, and genocide. Yes, Teddy backed the 77-day bombing war against the anti-pope, Orthodox Serbs along with his partner in crime, Jesuit Georgetown University-educated Billy Clinton.
Another Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor lamenting the death of Ignatian Machiavellian Kennedy was none other than “CONSTANCE” Cumbey. Her blog below says it all:

“Senator Ted Kennedy died very early this morning. His sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, preceded him in death only a few short weeks ago. I once met the Senator and his son Patrick at Cobo Hall. His son Patrick was a teenager then. I chatted at some length with young Patrick Kennedy and was introduced to Senator Kennedy in a private meeting room where I was privileged to be invited into a high level Democratic Party cloistered meeting. I was active in the Michigan Democratic Party in those days. His son had lost a leg to cancer. He was a nice, polite young man. His father seemed to connect with all in the room.

Certainly, as with us all, myself included, Ted Kennedy had his human flaws and imperfections. His attitude on what he called “narrowness” referring to “Christian fundamentalism” or “narrowness of any type” distressed me. Nevertheless, his sponsorship of the Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and many other legislative endeavors made a change in many peoples lives, ours included for the better. (My husband lost both legs above the knees in an October 15, 1979 accident.)

Jesus said that the commandments were summed as follows:


Too many liberals forget the first half of that equation. Too many conservatives the second.

Where Ted Kennedy at the hour of his death stood with the Lord, I do not know. I do suspect, however, that come Judgment Day, he will have relatively high marks on LOVING HIS NEIGHBOR AS HIMSELF.

May he rest in peace.


Based upon a lifetime of sinister works, Teddy Kennedy is the epitome of Proverbs 29:2: “but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” And my baby-boomer generation has been mourning and suffering—and dying—at the hand of a government whose forced socialist-communist, atheist and immoral policies have been shaped by arch traitors, one in particular, Senator Ted Kennedy. When this despicable, unsaved rogue stands before the Lord Jesus Christ at the Great White Throne Judgment with the rest of the damned, after the the Lord’s inquest in determining the senator’s degree of punishment and the solemn pronouncment that his name does not appear in the book of life, Theodore Kennedy will be cast into the unquenchable lake of fire to spend eternity with his lifetime master, the devil, after both have confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric


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