No one is a sovereign in this country

No one is a sovereign in this country. You cannot be a subject, or an enemy under Military Occupation and claim you are a sovereign, you cannot be a holder of adhesion contracts, mortgages, or debts and be a sovereign.

The Constitution came to an end when Congress re declared War on the South, and then imposed Martial rule, by Military Occupation on the South. Through Military Occupation the Military removed the Republican governments from the States that were lawfully voted into office. Was not a Republican form of government guaranteed to the States by the 1787 Constitution? The same de facto Congress removed the Southern States Representatives from Congress, denying the States suffrage/representation in Congress. Since the Southern States were high Contracting parties to the Trust/Constitution created in 1787, this voided the Corporate Charter. Just as it was not a lawful act for the South to cede from the Union, without the consent of all the State parties, it was not lawful for the Corporation to continue to do business, after removing lawful high Contracting parties from their seats in Congress. Or, how about when Congress went out of session, without a date certain of reconvening, this is called Sine Die.

If that is not enough to remove the 1787 Constitution as a valid document, including the attached Bill Rights, how about the Military Commanders/Generals under direction of the Congress putting in place puppet governments in the States, in order to pass a new federal and State Constitutions. I say Congress not the Commander-in-Chief, because the de facto Congress overrode a lawful Presidents veto, effectively removing and destroying the lawful 1787 Office of President. I say a new Constitution, because the 14th Amendment totally changed the 1787 Constitution. Don’t think so, excuse me, if you and I are sovereigns (I wish it were so), why can’t we challenge the debt the U. S. Congress creates, in the United States courts? I wonder; we can’t sue the government and we do not have the right to question the debt, lets see, sovereign or subject, sounds like a subject to me. Or, how about the fact the Military Occupation and declared Emergency have never come to an end. Military Occupation and its Martial Rule is not a democracy or a republic, it is a Military Dictatorship, with the Commander-in-Chief as the supreme authority of the provisional government.

The definitions included on Military Occupation, Conquest, Martial Law and Law of the Flag. Under Military Occupation and Conquest, it is defined to be the preferred method to change as few laws as possible so you do not alarm the conquered public. I guess they know most people are ignorant of what goes on around them. Under this condition you go and do as the Commanderin-Chief says, or you are locked up or killed. If as I used to believe God Almighty was standing ready to defeat the government on my or any other Christian’s behalf, I would say so be it, I’ll go. However, God Almighty said in 1 Samuel 8: “in that day when you cry out for me, I will not hear you”.

I would say show me how as Americans we can win a War that has been waged against us without an Army? Without an Army the only other way is by gorilla warfare, which would not be possible without public support, which absolutely would not exist. If what took place after the Civil War was not bad enough, in 1933, Americans were declared enemies of the powers at be. Show me how to win this war in a Court system controlled by the occupying force, when in the new Constitution, according to the third section of the imposed 14th Amendment; judges, federal, State and local government officials, police officers, or anyone receiving benefits/paycheck from government, are prohibited from giving aid and comfort to the enemy of the Occupying government? How can a judge give you a remedy, when he would violate the public policy, when he has been told he will be removed from office, in the very Constitution he swore to uphold and protect?

I just do not choose to fight government and God Almighty, or at a minimum fight government without the aid of God Almighty. I also ask you this, do you not fight against God Almighty, when He has declared every jot and tittle of His Word will be fulfilled, and then fight a government that God Almighty is using to fulfill many of His later day Prophesies. We are told how Babylon and the Beast will be destroyed in the book of Revelations and by many of the minor Old Testament Prophets, that deal with this subject. If change were possible, because of the slumber most of America is under, it would have to be done by education, after a financial collapse etc. etc. Just because the facts dictate this conclusion, does not mean I like it, but it is the hand we have been dealt.


All you have to do in your State or any other State after the Civil War, is ask yourself a couple of questions.
1. Does your State Constitution prohibit the possibility of leaving/ceding from the United States?
2. Does your State Constitution guaranty 14th Amendment protection to it’s citizens?
3. Just to add another: Does your State receive federal money/benefits?

Keep in mind I don’t ask these questions without knowing the answers. The answer is yes, to all three. Once you determine this then the following applies. Any State of the United States, and I point you to the definition of “of”, is under the United States control. One, by contract/treaty, and two, by Executive control, via. Military Occupation, as a result of the conquest which took place, AFTER the Civil War. This was a political take over by a de facto Congress who is guilty of destroying the 1787 Constitution, and a Military Occupation enforced by the Judge Advocate General of the Army.

Now I have made the claim that not only has the 1787 Constitution been destroyed, along with it’s Bill of Rights, but that the U.S. government now in place is a Military government, a provisional government, as a result of the Reconstruction Acts. Yes in xistence today, not just 128 years ago, completely unnoticed by the American people. My claims and the Informer’s claims of this condition existing in this country are true. Because they are true, any State, Country, local municipality, inhabitant, Citizen, citizen, individual, Person, person, resident or declared freeman, Sui Juris Sovereign; if I left any class of living tissue out, I meant to include them also, are under Military control, and exist for the benefit of the conquering government.

You have read the facts I included in “Bend Over America”, so when you finally understand the reality of conquest and all it entails, even though you do not see the Military in the streets, at this time, the law of the conqueror governs.


However, neither the Informer or I are ever complacent, we always try to disprove our facts and our beliefs, for in the end your beliefs mean nothing, if untrue. The thing is, in doing further research we are finding more to confirm the sad but true fact, of Military Occupation. I have obtained more proof from a government depository library, in the Congressional Record, on this subject, I have not yet had time to read all I have copied, or transcribe it. But here are a few samples.

“If these Southern States are conquered provinces, then by the laws of nations we are responsible for all the debts and liabilities of the Conquered country. I ask gentleman to pause before we take so great a responsibility as this upon us.”—Congressman Ross, January 26, 1867

“Republican in form!–governments formed by the Chief Executive without authority of law and upheld by the military power when deemed proper, and set aside at the suggestion of post commanders of military districts— these State governments, conceived in ignorance, brought forth in confusion, and rocked in the cradle of treason, are to be palmed upon the country as legitimate, and taken into the sisterhood of States as republican in form, with all the rights belonging to great States of the Union.” —Congressman Cullom, January 28, 1867

This is a Quote from the SOB responsible for writing and seeing to the passage of the Reconstruction Acts. The Republican majority leader Mr. Stevens from Pennsylvania, of course its not hard to be the majority when you have removed your opposition.

“Nearly two years ago the armies of a government calling itself the Confederate States of America were conquered and the government was dispersed. By the law of nations the conqueror after that had a right to say exactly what government should be administered over them or by them, keeping always within the law of nations. The conqueror had a right either to extend his own laws over those conquered States, or if no action was taken by the conqueror, then by the law of nations the old institutions were permitted to run on for the purpose of administering the local laws until such time as the conquering party should act……This bill provides the ten disorganized States shall be divided into five military districts, and that the commander of the Army shall take
charge of them through his lieutenants as governors, or you may call them commandants if you choose, not below the grade of brigadiers, who shall have the general supervision of the peace, quite, and the protection of the people, loyal and disloyal, who reside within those precincts; and that do so he may use, as the law of nations would authorize him to do, the legal tribunals wherever he may deem them competent; but they are to be considered of no validity per se, of no intrinsic force, no force in consequence of their origin, the question being wholly within the power of the conqueror, and to remain until that conqueror shall permanently supply their place with something else.” —Congressman Stevens from Pennsylvania, February 7, 1867.

“I feel, sir, that the passage of this bill is the death-knell of civil liberty, not only here but everywhere. Sad as the thought may be it is too true that almost the last hope of a once free people, that liberty is secure here, is fast passing away. The bill under consideration proposes to establish nothing more and nothing less than a military despotism….

The provisions of this bill strike down every important provision in your Constitution. You have already inaugurated enough here to destroy any Government that was ever founded….When you do that there is nothing left, I repeat, but quiet submission to your tyranny, or a resort to arms on the part of the American People to defend themselves….We are drifting to monarchy. It will come unless the people take this matter in hand and stop this progress that is being made in the downward road, and restore this shattered Government upon the basis upon which it was originally founded.”—Congressman Le Blond, February 7, 1867

“Will it aid the cause of democratic Government to exhibit this great Republic—this model, as we have sought to make it, of what every republic should be—abandoning all the functions of civil government, abrogating every thing like civil authority over one third of our domain and one third of our people, and for very imbecility and inability to agree upon any measure handing over the control of this section and these people to the absolute and sovereign will of a brigadier general in the regular Army? Will that aid the cause of free republican government anywhere on the face of the earth? It is the last resort of a decayed and dying republic. If we have no better resource than this, we may as well do at once what this would seem to be a preliminary step for doing: invite the regular Army to take control of the whole country, install itself here in the capital as the central, sovereign power, and make such laws and issue such decrees as it may see fit.”—Congressman Raymond, February 8, 1867

“Now, I again call on gentlemen who deny that the Union has been dissolved, for I suppose this military bill is to pass if any does, to pause before they take this last and final step. What does this bill do? It proclaims the Union dissolved; it declares that ten States are out of the Union; and if ten States are out all are out; the Constitution holds and binds all together or it holds none. It proclaims that the Union is dissolved; that the experiment of man’s capacity for self-government is a failure….And yet gentlemen are disposed to rush madly upon the passage of a bill declaring in substance that the Union is dissolved, establishing an absolute military despotism over ten States with a population of eight or ten million people, giving to the military commander unlimited and absolute power over life, liberty, property, and all things else.”—Congressman Harding, February 12, 1867

“As the gentleman from Pennsylvania is now in his seat I will repeat a remark which I made a short time ago when he was absent. I said that he was the first to make the startling announcement here in this House a few years ago, “That all compacts between the North and South were abrogated, and that the laws of nations and of war thenceforward controlled the destinies of each party in the conflict then pending.”—Congressman Harding, February 12, 1867

“It is true, undoubtedly true, that these States remained disorganized States in the Union. It is also undoubtedly true that those who were the conquerors upon the field of battle reduced those in rebellion to subjects.”—Congressman Eldridge, February 7, 1867

You see under Military Occupation, as defined by the Law of Nations governing the fighting of wars and conquest, also read the Lieber Code/general order 100, I included in “Bend Over America”, the conquering government leaves as many laws of the conquered government in place, and or sets provisional governments to rule the public. The conquering government can also transfer the Military governance of the public to the Civil Authority, which they have set up as a provisional government. The governing authority over the conquered land was transferred to the Attorney General, under the direction of the Commander-in-Chief. Title 5 is the codified rules for the provisional government, just as a matter of deduction. Here are a few more examples:

“The following bureaus shall be established in this department [The Department of Justice]: a Bureau of International Law, a Bureau of Revenue Law, a Bureau of Military and Navel Law, a Bureau of Postal Law, a Bureau of Land Management Law.”—Congressional Globe, concerning H.R. 1328

“This Bill, however, does transfer to the Law Department, or the Department of Justice as it is now called, the cognizance of all subjects of martial law, and cognizance of all subjects of military and navel law, except that portion of the administration of military justice which relates to military court martial, their proceedings, and the supervision of records.” Congressman Lawrence “If a question of martial law is to be determined by the law officers of government, it will now belong to the Attorney General, or to this Department of Justice. It will not belong to the Judge Advocate General of the Army. He will not be called upon for any opinion relating to martial law or military law except as to that portion of the administration of military law which relates to military justice.”—Congressman Lawrence

“In other words, the Judge Advocate General, instead of giving legal opinions to the states of the union, their right to call upon the government for military protection, or military aid, and other grave Constitutional questions, will be limited.”—Congressman Lawrence

“…The Eighth Section provides that the Attorney General is hereby empowered to make all necessary rules and regulations for the government…. “…The Eleventh Section provides that all monies hereafter drawn out of the Treasury upon requisition of the Attorney General shall be dispersed by such one of the clerks herein provided for the Attorney General as he may designate, and so much of the First Section of the Act, making appropriations, past March 3rd, 1859, as provides that money drawn out of the Treasury upon requisition of the Attorney General shall be dispersed by such dispersing officer as the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby repealed…. “…The Fifteenth Section provides that the supervisory powers now exercised by the Secretary of the Interior over the accounts of the district attorneys, marshals, clerks, and other officers of the courts of the United States, shall be exercised by the Attorney General….”H.R. 1328

“Now look at what has been done. That very party obtained control of the Government. There has been war; that war is over, but the Union is not restored, and at this very moment the public debt, mountain high, is casting its deadly and blighting shadow of bankruptcy over the whole country. We are literally bankrupts to day; and generations to come must be ground to the earth under the crushing weight of this monstrous debt.”—Congressman Harding, February 12, 1867

“Sec. 13. Be it further enacted, That all laws now in force in Louisiana, consistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States and with the provisions of this act, shall remain in force until repealed or modified: Provide, That no person shall be competent to act as a juror who is not an elector under the provisions of this act:

And provided also, That all the expenses of and incident to the administration of the provisional governments herein provided for shall be collected and paid as is now done for the support of the present government of Louisiana.” Reported by Congressman Elliot, February 11, 1867

This should drive home the painful truth the Informer and I have been writing about for some time. I know it is hard for some to except, because it removes so many supposed remedies, and the hope of the 1787 Constitution coming to our rescue. I wish it were so, however the overwhelming evidence cannot, I repeat, cannot be rebutted!

James Montgomery


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