Symbol literacy 101

Disney RFID Bracelets And The Mark Of The Beast

Look into how Walt Disney was a paedophile and how Disneyland etc are used within the pedo-rings as exposed by Fritz Springmeier. Notice the three 6′s of the Beast in the logo of Disney. Imagine in the near future when everyone is forced to wear a microwave bracelet after economic collapse or biological weapon attack. Imagine the destruction of the blood that continually passes through this microwave field killing DNA and life as we know it. We live in an invisible concentration camp.

Both William Donovan and William Casey were Knights of Malta working on behalf of the Order of Malta’s US Intelligence network for the Temporal Power of the Pope of Rome and his handlers at the Curia Generalizia. Please read over the work of Fritz Springmeier on the subject of Disney whilst also looking into how Walt Disney was a paedophile.

The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” -William Casey, CIA Director

Proof that Walt Disney was a 33 degree Mason and pervert!! [Video]

How the CIA Helped Disney Conquer Florida
Apr 14, 2013 4:45 AM EDT


Symbol Literacy 101

Symbol Literacy, including these symbols you are reading which have multiple defining meanings, and Logo Pattern Recognition are long lost skills. The world and the Baal-Force (Demonic Universal Intelligence) speaks to us daily, moment by moment but many people are deaf. As it is said in the Bible…”having ears you hear not, and having eyes you see not.” Thus this enemy that many people see not and hear not messes with many peoples heads a lot. Ads, commercials, and movies are symbolic means of communication. Our adversary and His intelligent with his knowledge slaves also speaks to us using their own symbolic lexicon or alphabet. Symbolic Perception, like many sacred arts, serves TWO important functions. . Keeping out the viral memes and messages harmful to the body politic, that is, to the mind, and subconscious. Turning off the TV is not going to help, but knowing what is coming across it, will. And Assists in whole brain thinking, or using both sides of your brain which enhances the development of your natural creativity. It enhances your own life, and opens you to your own Power Symbols, your own canon or archive that is unique to yourself, that is an expression of your own deepest core. Be careful, you’re seeking Him, not working to become Him. You cannot do this for others, you can only achieve this success by seeking Him in Prayer and using his word for your guide. Now call the guys in the white coats my straight jacket needs adjusting. He is the Father of all life Yahweh.


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